Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun Stuff:

Summer is quickly coming to a grinding halt: the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, and it surely has not cooled off yet here in Florida. To keep you inspired in light of your end-of-summer woes, here's a healthy and delicious idea for your end of summer and Labor Day cook outs. 

(I credit my dad, who was kind enough to make this for me the night before I left for Orlando, with this brilliant idea). <3

Ingredients to include:


Fresh corn
Fresh green beans
Sugar snap peas
Chopped carrots
Broccoli florets
Diced onions
Chopped bell peppers
Chopped mushrooms
Zucchini, eggplant, anything else your heart may desire




Soy sauce
Teriyaki sauce
Barbecue sauce
Olive or canola oil

Other seasoning ideas:

Coarse sea salt
Black pepper
Cajun seasoning
Sesame seeds


Line up all the veggies and rice/ quinoa separately in big containers on the counter buffet-style. Give every person their own medium sized bowl, and let them move through the buffet and choose which ingredients they'd like. Make this carnivore-friendly by adding bowls of steak, chicken, or shrimp.

Place each person's ingredients separately in a large wok or pan (either on the grill or on the fire). Let them pick their own sauce and seasoning. Cook each individual's bowl of ingredients separately on the fire or on the grill on high heat until cooked through and tender, with a little bit of char.

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