Thursday, July 19, 2012



If you ever come across the opportunity to visit Prague, take it! It's a cultural gem with tons of things to do, the food is delicious, and the people are incredibly friendly and accomodating. I couldn't get over how pretty and clean the city was; it was just like a fairytale. (I felt like I was in Beauty & the Beast the entire time).

Go to Old Town Square for fun, Upinkasu or Nostalgie for food, and Nebe or Roxy for drinks. Old Town Square has some really good restaurants as well, but they're a little more expensive. There's also a party boat that you can catch, with power hour and free admission to one of the clubs. Prague even has a Hooters!

 Besties <3
 I love rose gardens.
 MUSEUM OF COMMUNISM (There's also a Museum of Torture in Prague).
 Who doesn't love unfiltered beer and live music?
 Side street on our walking tour of the city.
 Old Town Square
 Old Town Square
 Always a blonde...
 Delicious dinner in Old Town Square before heading over to the fanzone (the cigs aren't mine!)...
MORE PIVO! (at Upinkasu, the first place to serve Czech's own Pilsner Urquell beer on draft).

My friend Liza's quote on the weekend, "I mean, we each drank, like, a keg." [That we did]. The beer gut was more than worth it. I'm going back to Prague the first chance that I get.

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